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Manzanilla in show:

from September 2007


The creation of the Manzanilla group is the achievement of two Flamenco artists, Juan José et Alejandro Herrera.

Following both their experiences inside the Arte Flamenco group for these ten last years, nowadays they offer a present Flamenco show, "El Sonido de mi barrio".

The meeting of real artists is part of the quality of the show: José Camarena and Rocio Denier as singers, Annabelle Mazurier and Diana Regaño as dancers, Juan José and Alejandro Herrera as guitarists. The flute, brass, violins and drums enable the public to discover a new aspect of Flamenco.

This type of musical group is quite unusual. As a result, we can discover a colourful, happy and warm music which, however, keeps this rhythmical and intense strength which is a characteric of Flamenco.

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